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Name Sport Country Votes Share
Nils van der Poel Nils van der Poel Speed skating Sweden 190
Elaine Thompson-Herah Elaine Thompson-Herah Running Jamaica 189
Femke Bol Femke Bol Running Netherlands 185
Krista Pärmäkoski Krista Pärmäkoski Cross-country skiing Finland 185
Anton Smolski Anton Smolski Biathlon Belarus 183
Axel Jungk Axel Jungk Skeleton Germany 181
Eveline Saalberg Eveline Saalberg Running Netherlands 181
Mary Moraa Mary Moraa Running Kenya 178
Kemba Nelson Kemba Nelson Running Jamaica 177
Ryan Sommer Ryan Sommer Bobsleigh Canada 177
Nathon Allen Nathon Allen Running Jamaica 176
Hanna Öberg Hanna Öberg Biathlon Sweden 174
Kaylin Whitney Kaylin Whitney Running United States 173
Alexander Ogando Alexander Ogando Running Dominican Republic 172
Ireen Wüst Ireen Wüst Speed skating Netherlands 172
Mosinet Geremew Mosinet Geremew Running Ethiopia 172
Li Wenlong Li Wenlong Short track speed skating China 171
Joshua Cheptegei Joshua Cheptegei Running Uganda 170
Toshikazu Yamanishi Toshikazu Yamanishi Running Japan 170
Davide Ghiotto Davide Ghiotto Speed skating Italy 169
Koki Ikeda Koki Ikeda Running Japan 169
Laura Muir Laura Muir Running United Kingdom 169
Dominik Fischnaller Dominik Fischnaller Luge Italy 167
Kjeld Nuis Kjeld Nuis Speed skating Netherlands 167
Dylan Borlée Dylan Borlée Running Belgium 166

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